MONDAY, we went to Kakum National Park with my district. The park was established in 1960 (that’s all I could remember from what the tour guide said). The park was really beautiful with lots of greenery. Within the park there is a canopy that they’ve built and we had the opportunity to walk on it. At first it was scary but it was easy afterwards. Later in the evening we had family home evening with the Atilla family. We learnt about the importance of not blaming others wrongly. It was a good lesson.

TUESDAY, Tuesday, Tuesday… Hmm my companion and I were just having a normal day. Then there was a sister who received a call from the assistants to the President (APs). Then a few minutes later I receive a call. Now let me just say I was not looking forward to this phone call at all! When I answered the call, Elder Blay says:

“Sister Goba, I am calling on behalf of President Stevenson. President would like to extend a new calling to you. You are being assigned to train a new missionary. President Stevenson told us to tell you that he has confidence in you.”. I literally just said “Okay.. Thank you”.

So I’ll be receiving my “daughter on Wednesday. I don’t really know what to expect. 

WEDNESDAY, it was just a normal day. We were trying to follow up on our baptismal candidate Bro. George but because he’s a fisherman he’s always busy and hard to find. Later that evening we made some Abenkwen (Palmnut Soup-Nigerian style). So in order for the soup to be good,  you need some meat and spices. So we had crab (Yea I know), periwinkle (type of snail-it was mostly for my companion), fish, beef and chicken. It was all so good!  You eat it with rice 

These are periwinkles, you have to crack open the pointy side. Then you suck out the inside of it.

This was the pot of boiling crab.

You know you have settled into Ghana when you start eating all these different foods. Haha Akwaaba!

THURSDAY, remember Bro. George… So we were able to get to him and conduct is preliminary baptismal interview. He literally answered the questions so well! We were pleasantly surprised! The Spirit really works in mysterious ways! He’s just a very humble man who just wants to follow the teachings of the gospel and apply them into his life. 

FRIDAY, we had our trainers meeting! I was expecting to go there, receive some enlightenment on how we can be good trainers and then go home. But when we (Sister Newton and I) arrived President called us into his office. He explained that this coming transfer Sister Newton and I will be WHITE WASHING with our trainees! Haha so this will be white wash NUMBER 2 and I have to train a new missionary. So we’ll be going to Mankesim which was an Elders only area but will now be an Elders and Sisters area. This will be a fresh new start! So I’m looking forward to it. Later Elder Johnson (district leader) interviewed Bro. George so we baptized him on Sunday

SATURDAY and SUNDAY, the Sisters in my ward had a baptism which went well and then Sunday we baptized Bro. George. Things went well. Since we are leaving, Bro. George will be confirmed by the Elders next week.

Left to Right: Bro. Isaac, Bro. George, Sister Chiazor, Myself and Bro. Ankroful. 



  1. Duuuuude!!! Training and white washing at the same time is the best thing ever.

    Did it twice on my mission. Best 9 months ive ever had!!!!!

    Ill write you about it. The stories and things that happened there, lol you won’t believe it. Stay awesome. Chat to you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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