Baptism and So Much More!! 

Hello 😃

Another week has gone by! This week just went by super fast. I guess it’s because it was busy. 

I’ll start with last week Sunday, we obviously had our baptism which went well despite the rain. Then this Sunday Timothy was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! (Halla) 

Monday was P-Day and we had the YSA Family Home Evening. People had the opportunity to ask any questions that they had regarding the gospel. I learnt some new information that I didn’t know before.

Tuesday we had the Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) Report. We just discussed some of the things that we are struggling with in the mission and how we can tackle them.

Wednesday was just a normal day. Nothing too hectic but then Thursday was SWEET! 

Thursday we had our interviews with President Stevenson.  It was the most bittersweet experience that I had with him but more sweet than bitter. My experience with him just increased my testimony of the Priesthood and how real it is.

Friday I had exchanges with my crazy Sister Training Leader (Sister Namutebi). Since both of us were not feeling too well we did a little bit of proselyting then we attended the ward movie night at the chapel.

Saturday we had the Sisters Dress and Grooming/Going away party for those sisters who will be leaving this month.

Amongst all this crazy fun we had to fit proselyting in there. This week was good!

I hope you all had an awesome and meaningful week. 


Sister Goba ❤

PS. I cut my hair!


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