New Month, New Perspective, New Goals

Left to right: Me (durh), E. Pohahau (Tonga), S. Chiazor. Front: E. Iumalo (Samoa) 

Hello there,

Well after 2 weeks of serious self-pity, doubts and feeling of inadequacy I’m finally back on my feet. New Month, New Perspective and New Goals. 

Last 2 weeks were tough because I just felt like I wasn’t a good missionary, and I truly started doubting why I came on mission. Our investigators were refusing baptism and were not making any effort to come to church. But the day our investigator ran away from us, (literally ran away and hid) was the day it really hit me.

It’s so sad when you see people running away from the truth and running away at the opportunity of hearing how they can gain salvation. You would think they would be running towards it, right? 

I guess it’s true what Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, “People learn when they are ready to learn, not when we are ready to teach them” (October 2016 General Conference). Which is true, you can never force someone to accept the Gospel but all that we can do is share it. NO EFFORT IS WASTED. Thank goodness for General Conference where we can find peace and comfort from the words of Apostles. ❤ 

So I’ve left the doubt in September, and I’m starting October with new eyes. I’m on the Lord’s errand, and He has prepared people that are willing to listen this message. We just need to find them.

Doctrine and Covenants 24:8-9

“Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for,  lo I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days”.

So if there are any doubts that you had last month… Please leave them behind and see this as a new page. The Lord does not expect immediate PERFECTION but He expects immediate PROGRESS

So here’s to progress! 


Sister Goba 


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