Yea, so I promised that I would be updating my blog but due to…”unforeseen circumstances”, I haven’t been able to be active. I have decided to resolve my circumstances and now I’m back. The Elders in my district and Sister Mothami (new missionary) reminded me of my blog so I decided to start it up again.

So now that everything is up and running I’ll be updating from this week onward.

Yes… It’s official. I’m 6 months on mission, darker than when I started, eating all sorts of crazy food and working (and walking)  more than I ever have in my life.

It’s been an interesting 6 months. Putting it in words is very difficult. Truth is, mission DEMANDS SO MUCH from you (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially) especially when you move to various areas and experience dfferent kinds of people.

I’ve been to 2 areas (Sekondi and Greenhill) since I started my mission. When I was under training(12 weeks) I was in Sekondi (Takoradi Stake,  Western Region). My trainer was Sister Ntalu (DRC Congo). She was amazing, taught me how to be more confident when I’m teaching, how to stop doubting myself and just follow the Spirit when we teach. She was the best trainer or should I say …”mission mother”. Together we baptized 2 people Sister Deborah (19) and Brother Kofi (8).

Sekondi was super AWESOME. The members were great, even though we had a few people progressing, it was better than nothing. After training my “mother” was transferred and I received Sister Sande (Zimbabwe). We worked hard to find people and by God’s grace we found a few people. Things were going good, we tried our very best to reactivate the less actives and when I finally felt that I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary… I was transferred!

Transfer news came and I was told that I was going to WHITE WASH with my new companion Sister Chiazor (Nigeria). I still laugh a little inside when I think about how my companion and I came to this area brand new, and had to start teaching people. We were blessed though, because the sister who was there before us was in the same apartment so she was able to show us around. 7 weeks later, we’ve found our feet and we even have a few baptisms coming up. HOPEFULLY!

Mission has taught me a lot so far. You literally just have to forget yourself and get to work. For example, all the little things that used to bug you… You have 2 options. Either CONTROL THEM or FORGET ABOUT THEM. Because if you don’t choose one, it will interfere with everything else.

My testimony has increased. The truth is,  when I was home… I was afraid to share the gospel with people, I didn’t know how to clearly express how I truly felt about the gospel. But being on mission has given me the confidence to share the gospel with people and answer their questions. I love it. ❤

Thinking of uploading pictures in the next blog but we will see. Till next time.

Ye Be Shiya

Sister Goba


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