Mission Call

Mission Call.

Haha, I LOOK super excited to know that I will be serving in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission right? And while you were watching the video, you probably thinking.. Man, she really is excited to be serving in Ghana. Let me just say… The feelings and emotions that came after realizing that I am going to the Cape Coast were the complete opposite of my excitement in the video.

Hear me out, it’s not that I was not excited to be going on a mission or anything, but there were 2 valid reasons why I was not OVERJOYED.

  1. I wished that I was going to the Accra Mission, which is where all my friends had received their mission calls (Thola, Lindani and Xolani).
  2. I knew NOTHING about Cape Coast, so you can imagine the terror.

I feel like these are real emotions that any prospective missionary feels. When you come to the realization that you are actually going to a foreign country/state and realizing that you know NOTHING about where you’re going unless you’re a geographical and cultural genius!

I think the most bizarre thing for me, was knowing how many people were saying “I’m so excited for you” and “this is going to be such a great experience”. Meanwhile, at face value I was saying, “yeeeeaaah, it’s going to be so great” with the biggest smile but in the back of my mind, and in my heart I knew I was not genuinely excited.

That evening after I opened my mission call, I was on my laptop, looking up EVERYTHING I could possible learn about the Cape Coast (language, food, people etc.). As I continued my research throughout the weeks after that, I have grown to love the culture and I am not even there yet.

So much has changed since that initial day, and I am so grateful for all the guidance that I have received so far! I know that Ghana Cape Coast will be the best mission for me and I am looking forward to being there!

Oh, and if you have not figured it out yet.. This is my blog about my experiences/thoughts pre-Ghana, and then I plan on blogging about what my experiences/thoughts while I am in Ghana



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